Executive Head

Mrs R Newman – BEd (Hons) – Child Protection

Head of School

Mrs S Brett – BEd (Hons) – Child Protection, Maths, Science, LOtC

Teaching Staff

Mrs L Ward – BA(Hons) QTS
Sycamore (Reception Year)
PSHE – PATHS curriculum

Mrs K Lucas –BA (Hons) PGCE
Poplar (Year 1)
Computing ,Design Technology

Miss S Gray – BA Hons, PGCE
Hazel (Year 2)
Modern Languages and RE

Mrs S McCann – BSc (Hons) PGCE
Oak (Year 3/4)
Art & Design and Music (The Arts)

Mrs D Dafforn – BEd (SA QTS)
Beech (Year 4/5)
SENCO, English and Library

Mr D Page – BA (Hons) PGCE
Alder (Year 6)
Curriculum, PE

School Secretary

Mrs A Cameron-Heffer – BA (Hons)

Mrs A Dack

Teaching Assistants

HLTAs – Mrs Z Castleton, Ms J Edwards

   TAs – Miss S Goode, Ms A Hord, Mrs S Mawe, Mrs S Smith, Mrs A Keeley

 Caretaker – Miss S Hook

School Cleaners – Ms K Overton, Mr A Howe

School Cook: Ms K Overton 

Assistant Cook – Miss M Begley

Kitchen Assistants – Mrs S Colk

Mid-day Supervisory Assistants

  Mrs G Hemmant, Mrs E Kuiiri, Miss P Santos

Road Crossing Patrol

Miss K Overton


 Mrs M Latham

Mrs G Hemmant, Ms A Hord, Mrs A Keeley