LOtC Grounds

Our Learning Outside the Classroom was inspired by a project that celebrated the life and work of Charles Darwin. Like Charles Darwin our school has a ‘Thinking Walk’ which threads together all the different habitats our school has to offer. It is a walk that is journeyed by all children throughout the school year to study seasonal change, seeds, colours, sounds etc.

The path through the Eco-Park leads out onto the school field. Cross the field to the Orchard. Go through the Orchard to the gate into the garden. Follow the circular path around the pond to take in the different zones in the garden. Come out of the garden and head for the big tree which is an old Sycamore tree. There is a crescent shaped mini meadow to one side. Heading towards the school join the path which takes you through the Nectar Bar and back into the Eco-Park where you began.

Charles Darwin walked his ‘Thinking Walk’ three times every day as it allowed him time to reflect, ask and answer questions. The children are encouraged to ask and answer questions about the world around them.