Sycamore Post Office Visit

A successful little excursion to the local post office. Children brought stamps, attached them to their cards and then posted them! Superb behaviour as always too, a class to be really proud of!

E-Safety Drama

The Key Stage 2 children had drama workshops to put together a brilliant play called ‘The Robots vs The Meanies’ which was performed in front of and enjoyed by the whole school.

Sycamore PE

Problem solving and super teamwork with hoops to cross the river!

YR Maths

The YR children are exploring the Numicon shapes which we use lots in Maths.

Sycamore Balanceability

The YR & Y1 children had fun in improving their balancing skills!

Hazel Class

Hazel Class (Year 4) singing and performing Autumn Days at the Harvest Festival.

Hazel Class Cathedral Trip

Sycamore Class

Using oil pastels and collage to create fantastic fireworks images.


Children are learning to observe and record different elements to the weather.

Year 3 PE